David Gil - Talk, 1 hora con, classe Scuola Artediez, Madrid
I was invited by Artediez School in Madrid to talk to a group of students as part of the Graphic Jam Sessions 2024.

I spoke about my working method and my creative processes such as synthesis and repetition. We watched at some case studies, I answered their questions and curiosities. Thank you guys!

The Artediez School (Escuela de Arte 10) is a public school in Madrid that offers higher-level training courses in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design and Fashion Design.
David Gil - Talk, 1 hora con, locandina
1 hora con — Graphic Jam Sessions 2024
Escuela Artediez, Madrid

18 Jan 2024
17,15 — 18,15
Aula 4.1

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