David Gil — News, Visibili e invisibili, Biennial poster
I was invited to participate in the exhibition Visibili e invisibili. I manifesti AIAP per la Biennale as part of 2018 Rimini Drawing Biennial.

Visible and invisible, the title of this edition, is a theme that cuts across the design activity of the graphic designer who, in his profession, is constantly faced with the challenge of translating invisible content into visible forms.
David Gil — 1 Aprile, poster
For this event, I presented my work 1 Aprile (No. 4, 2015). 1st April is a posters series created for the April fish (Italian April Fools' Day), the tradition dedicates the day to jokes and hoaxes.

Biennale Disegno
Museo della Città, Rimini
28 Apr — 15 Jul 2018

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