David Gil — Open cities, MADRIDGRÁFICA 2022, outdoor exhibition, poster
Open cities poster (© 2022) was created for MADRIDGRAFICA 2022  contest. The poster is one of the main selections of this international graphic festival organised by DIMAD — Asociación diseñadores de Madrid. 

David Gil — Utopian hours, A World of 8 Billion Cities, poster
"A World of 8 Billion Cities" is the theme of the sixth edition of Utopian Hours, the international festival of city making organised by Torinostratosferica.
David Gil — Utopian hours, talk
David Gil — Utopian hours, A World of 8 Billion Cities, exhibition
A World of 8 Billion Cities (© 2022) is a kind of cover poster intended to represent the importance of the role of the citizen within cities and the community at large. City and citizen are symbolically represented in this typographic pictogram.

David Gil — 100 Fenoglio, poster detail
RESISTENZA ATTRAVERSO LE PAROLE DI FENOGLIO  is a project by Isrec Bg — Istituto bergamasco per la storia della Resistenza e dell’età contemporanea on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of writer Beppe Fenoglio.
David Gil — 100 Fenoglio, poster
La cagna, Il libro di Johnny (© 2022)

David Gil — Shaping the future poster
The Social media series was born after some rejected works in different contests. F**k your share (© 2020) is a critique of fake news and the responsibility each of us has for not spreading it; Shaping your future (© 2018) and Follow me (© 2023) is a critique of the power social media has over some people.
David Gil — F**k your share poster
David Gil — Follow me poster
David Gil — Exist & Co. poster
David Gil — Exist & Co poster, Slanted Magazine publication
Have we come out of this pandemic any better? Will it be a different World? EXIST & CO. is nothing but a bitter play on words.
David Gil — Exist & Co poster, Slanted Magazine publication
Exist & Company (© 2020) is a typographic poster published in the 36th issue of the German magazine SLANTED MAGAZINE.

David Gil — 1 Aprile poster
David Gil — 1 Aprile poster
1 Aprile (© 2011—2015) is a posters series created at the time of the April fish (Italian April Fools' Day), the tradition dedicates the day to jokes and hoaxes.

David Gil — 8 Marzo poster
8 Marzo (© 2006—2020) is a series of postcards and posters created to celebrate International Women's Day.
David Gil — 8 Marzo poster
David Gil — 8 Marzo poster
Most of the posters are typographical or visual elements based on the number eight. The colour yellow is a reference to the Italian tradition of giving a bouquet of mimosas on this day.

8 Marzo participated in the Terremoto Tipográfico exhibition as part of TYPOMAD events (Espacio B, Madrid, 2015).
David Gil — tramiteSud poster
Coffin fish (© 2011) is one of the posters selected for the exhibition tramiteSud, an event as part of the Sardinian edition of AIAP Design Per. International Design Week.

tramiteSud is an open call for all visual designers who live and work in the countries on the Mediterranean shores.
David Gil — Massimo Vignelli tribute poster
We have participated in a few collective tributes to some people and famous designers: Ivan Chermayeff, Milton Glaser, Forges... 
Below the tribute to graphic designer Massimo Vignelli (© 2014).
Posters will soon be available for ORDER!
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