otto marzo (© 2022)  is a series of posters celebrating the International Women's Day, this year was dedicated to Ukrainian women.
The 25 April poster (© 2017—2021) simultaneously celebrates Liberation Day and the Feast of St Mark, the patron saint of Venice.

In Venice it is a tradition on this day to give a rosebud to the beloved, the artwork is a bud composed of interlaced L letters.
1 Maggio (© 2011) is a poster created for International Workers' Day (in Italy Festa dei Lavoratori). The number 1 is deliberately represented by the letter L inverted, a critical reflection of the employment world.
Truth (© 2012) is a poster selected for the exhibition Visioni de La Verità (Institut Français Napoli, March, 2012; Spazio MIL, Sesto San Giovanni, June, 2013).
L'Arte della Felicità is an event consisting of meetings and conversations dedicated to ask questions about universal themes. My poster asks: Is truth like a dead-end road?
On 25 April in Italy, we commemorate Liberation DayLiberazione (© 2018) are a series of posters play with the fragmentation of the Nazi symbol into several L letters.
Integration means opening up, eliminating borders, barriers (cultural, social...). It means mixing. 
Through the symbol of the international vehicle registration code, the Integration poster (© 2019) intends to symbolize openness. 
Posters will soon be available for ORDER!
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